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DashBook is designed to benefit users of all types involved in sales processing and royalty tracking. Complex royalty calculations are now made easy.

Rather than spending a week dealing with royalties, not counting all of the misery just thinking about it, there is a better way. Imagine simply importing your sales reports and generating royalty reports immediately! You can email all reports, or even upload royalty reports to folders that you share with your authors/labels/artists on Google Docs,, DropBox, etc.

Do you pay a different rate for licensing, ebook vs print book, or digital music vs physical? No problem!

Below are some videos demonstrating DashBook.  We are much better at making software!

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QuickBooks integration - importing sales from QuickBooks and writing royalty checks into QB Fetch

DashBook setup for mechanical royalties for music

(An album containing component tracks.  Each track gets a percent of U.S. mechanical.

Royalties calculate on both track and album sales in this example.)


Sales Channels for Different Royalty Structures

(Use a distributor's sales report or your own to create products

and connect royalty holders along with a standard royalty)

Automatic Standard Royalty used during Sale Import

(Use a different royalty based on how the product was sold,

such as a physical sale vs a digital download.)