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Products & Inventory

The Products window allows you to record key information about each of your products.

(Screen images removed due to DashBook's advances outpacing web maintenance!  Please download DashBook to see the latest.)

  • ISBN/ISRC/SKU/ASIN, etc.  Each product can have multiple code types! (both ISBN and ASIN, as an example)
  • Title -- more than one product can belong to the same title for payment balancing and advance recoupment
  • Royalty Holders  -- multiple authors, labels, songwriters, or anyone else receiving royalties
  • Royalty Arrangements -- connect as many special contract terms as you need
  • Default Warehouse -- if you wish to track inventory, you have full flexibility
  • Song track play length -- critical for automatic U.S. mechanical calculations
  • Notes
  • Product image
  • Attachments -- attach contracts and more
  • And many more fields than these


The Inventory window allows you to track both inventory and the costs associated with it.

You can also create non-stocking warehouses (e.g., for use with directly shipped POD books, ebooks, MP3s, and other digital downloads) and use this window to track costs associated with those products as well.