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DashBook Testimonials 


"After trying many different methods for our royalties accounting, from Excel to expensive cloud services, we finally found Dashbook—and it changed everything. We’re no longer spending hours each month inputting royalties by hand or worrying about screwing up a calculation. Import templates and global royalty arrangements make it easy to take care of the accounting and get back to the creative work.

Dashbook is affordable, fast, intuitive, and accurate—everything you want in a royalties system. Best of all, it’s flexible, both in terms of its capabilities and in terms of growing with our needs as our press expands. Greg and the others on the Dashbook team are knowledgeable, responsive, and engaged, always ready to help or answer questions.

Dashbook is nothing short of magical, and its team is part of the competence conspiracy that quietly holds up the world!"

Kate Sullivan, founder, Candlemark & Gleam (quote provided during transition to Athena Andreadis)

"When I tried Dashbook for my music company, Masterwerks, it was after searching really hard to find the right solution for our royalty accounting structure.  I knew someone out there must have created a comprehensive and flexible software right for us.   I can tell you that Dashbook works for us, and yes there is a learning curve, but they will help you, and once you get just works."

Patric Steele, Masterwerks

"We use Dashbook to track our author’s royalties. Although I have used many types of relational databases Dashbook is my first experience with a  royalty database. Dashbook was easy to learn. It is well laid out and has an excellent help section that is very easy to navigate due to the thorough index. What has been especially valuable is the excellent customer service. While learning Dashbook whenever I had a question I simply emailed Greg and got an immediate response.

A product is only as good as its customer service. If you can’t use the product effectively due to poor customer service it doesn’t matter if that product is great if you can’t  figure out how to use it! With Dashbook we have been able to accurately calculate our author’s royalties. The report section of Dashbook is very complete and user friendly. We have been very satisfied with Dashbook and their customer service."


Louise Bryan, Fine Books Press

"To say that our old system of calculating and reporting royalties was no longer up to the task is an understatement. At this writing, we have over thirty books moving their way toward publication and project to have several hundred books published within the next three years. We’ve just brought aboard nearly fifty editors who have varying royalty interests. We pay authors an enhanced royalty in certain circumstances, as well as pay hundreds of affiliates for linking to our online bookstore when the link results in a sale. Taking advantage of the ten-day trial, I wanted to see if DashBook was robust enough to handle this kind of complexity. It was, and we became a customer."

Stephen Nill, CharityChannel Press

"Dashbook is amazing software; thanks for taking the time to customize it to fit our individual business needs."
Rick, Jazop Productions

"Initially as a small niche publisher, with approximately 10 titles, we were able to organise our royalty payments to authors manually through excel spreadsheets – albeit it would take up a lot of valuable time. As the company expanded to over 50 titles we knew the basic Excel system we utilised would be far too labour and time intensive. We researched and looked at the various royalty software available from free to subscription software. This in itself took time but this due diligence process allowed us to come across DASHBOOKS, after having trialled two other recommended software programs (which were definitely not what they professed to be).

We are incredibly grateful for a system such as DASHBOOKS that allows us to minimise our time compiling author royalties as well as giving us greater insights into sales figures in general. Every time we use DASHBOOKS we find another function that we can incorporate thus making our book management tasks so much easier. As each new version of DASHBOOKS comes out, it just gets better. However, one factor that I feel definitely puts DASHBOOK well and truly in front of other royalty software companies is the support and caring attitude of its principal, Gregory Carrier, who has unselfishly assisted us with email support and provided simple solutions."
Julie-Ann Harper, Co-Director, Pick-a-WooWoo Publishers & MBS Press (Australia)

I've been doing my book royalty reports for a year now with DashBook and just wanted to send you a big THANK YOU.  I have to admit I was a bit skeptical/hesitant when I first found DashBook, but the software is great.  You've always been extremely responsive when I've had issues, and I don't regret anything about the purchase.  My royalty reporting has never been easier."
Permuted Press

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Greg Carrier of DashBook for walking me through this whole process. I really appreciate the time he took helping me understand everything, and I was so grateful to be able to work with the same person over and over again. It really helped move me as quickly as possible through uploading my backend (2 years worth of work).

DashBook allows me to access information about my royalties that I never was able to see before using this program. The reporting system works seamlessly breaking down sales however I need to see them. Paying out artists has become an easy task as I have incorporated PayPal into my system to quickly send payment. So glad I made the upgrade using this software!"
Mal Harper, MalLabel Music SF, CA

"So many companies have 30 day trial periods, where, if the software is complex, just setting it up can use up much of the evaluation time. The people at Dashbook didn't even wait for me to have questions. They contacted me right after downloading to ask if I needed help setting it up so I could get at the task of evaluation. They were not empty words. They had me up and running and answered all my emails promptly.

The software itself? As an iPhone app developer with many project partners all with different royalty rates with each product paying 7 different foreign currencies our monthly royalty inputs and calculations (after setting up) went from 4 or 5 hours to 15 minutes. Happy is an understatement."
Eric Speier, Managing Partner, 5 Elements Entertainment

"After spending several months looking for a suitable software solution for my growing publishing company, I was pleasantly surprised to find DashBook literally at the last minute, just before I was set to buy another piece of publisher software.  I was immediately impressed by DashBook’s clean and modern user interface.  Within 15 minutes of trying out the trial version, I knew this was exactly what I was looking for.  Once I purchased the full version, I was able to setup my products and was up and running with the application within a day.  DashBook has greatly simplified our business operations, especially with regard to royalties.  The software is laden with rich features, many of which we haven’t even started using yet.  The ability to manage musical rights for CD and digital music products enabled us to create and seamlessly manage new product lines we didn’t even have before.

The software comes with an impressive array of reports, including great-looking royalty statements that can be emailed to clients from within the application, and support for this product is quick and responsive.  An extensive help file is available for all parts of the software, and can be displayed from any screen in the application.  I would highly recommend DashBook to any-sized publisher looking for a powerful, yet easy to use software solution that can be deployed in little time.

What a great product!"
Jude Odu, Founder and CEO, Decent Hill Publishers, LLC

"I've found that one of the most challenging and time-consuming aspects of running a publishing company is tracking sales and managing royalty payments -- particularly when those sales are being made in multiple currencies and coming from various sales channels.  I have tested several far more expensive packages, but I am not aware of any other publishing software that can do what DashBook can.  The ability to import monthly print-on-demand sales reports from companies such as Lightning Source has been especially helpful and saves me untold hours of re-entering sales information and doing currency conversions."
Rob Clements, Clements Publishing

"Dashbook must be the most cost effective system in the World for the Small to Medium size Record or Music Publishing Company!  With its ability to import Data or Generate Sales Invoices and integrate them into its Royalty Programme, which can also take into consideration Royalty Advances etc., it has rapidly become an extremely efficient Time Saving Tool for us, and you wonder how you could have possibly managed in the past without it. Combined with an excellent Customer and Technical Support Service it’s unbeatable in our view."
Terry King, Managing Director, Aristocrat Music Ltd. (Mr. King has been around so long, he doesn't bother with a web presence!)

"I'm a small publisher and I hate accounting.  My books were in a tizzy and, no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't straighten them out.  In desperation, I downloaded a trial version of Dashbook and went to work.  I was amazed at how simple and straightforward the software works!  All these years I've been trying to "force" other software tools to calculate royalties, keep track of my inventory, and create invoices.  I wish I had come to Dashbook sooner!  It does all that and more!  I purchased a copy, and now I use it for all my authors.  Now, accounting is a snap!

Thank you Dashbook!"

Skip Coryell, Second Amendment March

"As a multi-faceted audio production and distribution company translating and producing music for the latest gaming devices, our needs for royalty accounting go well beyond straight percentages and mechanical royalties. After searching for the best software to meet our requirements, we chose DashBook which already had much of what we needed. The team at DashBook responded to our needs by extending their system to handle the nuances of our business, and their support is amazing!"

Will Littlejohn, WaveGroup

"Like many small but growing businesses, mine was run on spreadsheets and mail-merge, but over the past few quarters the amount of time it took to process sales, inventory, and royalty calculations was growing at an alarming rate. I started looking around for an automated solution and at first focused on general-purpose packages. Most of them 'almost' fit my needs, but each had one or more weaknesses. Being general-purpose usually meant that the 'business' was loosely defined as retail, wholesale, or service-based, and none had any notion of royalties and discounts. I was pretty discouraged, until I found an entire class of software designed specifically for publishers, including Dashbook from Financial Softworks.

As I worked on evaluating packages, I realized that very few met my specific needs. Some were extremely expensive, obviously marketed to large corporations. Others were closer to what I was looking for in terms of price and functionality but either lacked one or more key features or were designed in a way that made them nearly unusable. In the end, only Dashbook met all of my functional requirements, met my budget constraints, and fit perfectly into my existing workflow.

There are several key features of Dashbook that have taken my monthly and quarterly reporting from a day of work to just a few clicks. At the front end of the process is an incredibly flexible ETL tool that allows me to map reports from any vendor, in nearly any format, onto Dashbook data fields. When a new sales channel comes on board, I can set up the data map once and then just automatically read sales data from that channel into Dashbook. This eliminates the need for what would be custom work in competing packages. and it doesn't stop at sales data. The ETL tool has been designed so that you can map any data into Dashbook. Authors, vendors, inventory...if you can get it into a spreadsheet or flat file, Dashbook can read it.

Next is a royalty model that was clearly designed by a company that knows the book business intimately. Any royalty scheme that you can imagine is easily modeled in Dashbook, and you can apply these models to authors individually or as a group. Month-end reporting literally becomes just a few clicks.

Setting up a new title is a snap, too, and the process is another indication that the Dashbook team really goes out of their way to make their software exceed expectations. In my case, I had nearly a hundred titles to set up. I was delighted to discover that I could simply feed Dashbook a list of ISBNs, and it would automatically reach out to the Internet to grab the appropriate information on author, length, format...all of the things that I would have had to set up manually were simply done for me. This was a huge timesaver.

The last thing I'll mention is the overall flexibility of Dashbook. All of the packages that I evaluated that were geared toward small and medium-sized publishers had a fixed set of reports and were built on either proprietary or complex back-ends. Writing custom reports in these systems would be a significant effort. Dasbook, on the other hand, is built using an open framework, and uses easily digested relational models in its underlying database. This access to the data means that one can easily write custom reports without getting bogged down in several layers of's fast, clean, and accessible. Dashbook comes preconfigured with a large number of common reports, but you can customize them or add new reports right from the Dashbook reporting interface. This give you a capability of ad-hoc reporting that the other packages simply don't offer.

The bottom line is that Dashbook has paid for itself many times over in time saved. I don't dread month-end reporting any more. And Dashbook has given me views of my business that I didn't have before, giving me a better understanding of the business and an edge over my competitors."


Perry Donham, President, KidPub Press

"Dashbook is a wonderful program, and I can't say enough about the friendly helpful staff.  This program is an evolving, living thing, changing with the needs of the modern e-publication.  Despite some growing pains, this program has proved invaluable in producing easy to read, clear and concise statements from the jumble of input that some 3rd party sellers provide. Payouts are ridiculously easy, and the authors really appreciate the rapid processing of their royalties.  I would not go back to the old days of spreadsheets and manual reports for all the bytes on the 'net."'
Heather Vince, Financial Officer, Extasy Books

"DashBook is an excellent system for managing inventory, tracking sales and calculating royalties.  What once took weeks to prepare for quarterly reports now takes a very short period of time.  Best of all, no more spreadsheets and manual calculations.

DashBook does it all!"


J. Ellen Smith, Champagne Books, Carnal Passions

“We use DashBook to manage our orders, print invoices and packing slips, and most important to us, calculate royalties and produce royalty statements.  DashBook exceeds our expectations, and the support the DashBook team provides is amazing.
Keep up the great work!”
Steve Hoberman, Technics Publications

“I am extremely pleased with Dashbook; it works beautifully, and we’ve just done in half a day what would have taken about three days previously.”
Adrian Wilkins, Avid eBooks Ltd.