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DashBook Product Overview
The core feature set and functionality of DashBook is designed to easily handle the complete Sales / Orders / Shipment lifecycle, from initial customer Contact through post-sale Support.  It can be used for almost any product, sales channel or deal structure.

DashBook caters to the Book and eBook Publishing markets by handling returns, providing intelligent use of ISBNs to retrieve book and author information, and including the ability to import sales reports from the most popular book distributors and sellers such as Ingram, Lightning Source, Amazon, and more.  If we don't include yours, we can add it, or you can easily add it on your own.

DashBook caters to the Music Industry by using ISRCs, linking tracks to albums/compilations, having automatic mechanical royalties, and including the ability to import sales reports from iTunes, IODA, CD Baby, and other music sellers.  Review our program, and tell us the ones you want to add!

We have also released DashBook General Sales for those with no need to calculate and track Royalties.

The current full version of DashBook, Version 7, has a number of features and functions designed to make it easy to handle Contacts, Products, Inventory, Sales, Orders, Shipments, Returns, Commissions and Royalties.

What sets DashBook apart from other products is its ability to simplify the complex calculations and interdependent data flow involved in split payment structures and achievement-based royalty arrangements. And no other system out there has the degree of internet integration found in DashBook to help you automate your work and reduce the time you spend handling royalties and licenses.

Designed for book publishers and music labels and publishers, DashBook is still flexible enough for royalties and licenses for film, art, design, and a variety of licensed products.  Please tell us enhancements to help your business!

Comprehensive Transaction Structuring, monitoring of Key Performance Indicators, accurate control of Sales Processes, capturing Sales Trends, tracking Multi-Party Royalty Calculations and varieties of Operations, Accounting and Executive Level Reports greatly enhance the Value Propositions available to DashBook users.