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Basic sales and order tracking is simple.

However, calculating and paying royalties and licenses can be very complex.

Calculations can be based on a number of different criteria and, when using either a spreadsheet or an accounting/invoicing system, the process can be painful.

Too many potential royalty types, sales levels, and sales channels or sales/downloads types – each with its own rules-based conditions for owing royalties or licenses – creates a painfully complex stream of calculations beyond the capabilities of systems that a small or medium size company can afford, or that is easy to use.

DashBook is the first easy-to-use and affordable system designed to handle complex royalty and license calculations with simple data input and a large number of detailed and user-defined reports. And now that DashBook can import sales reports, you can spend even more time on the rest of your business.

"Dashbook is what we've been looking for... efficient, affordable software with tech support that actually has a pulse. We're sold!"

Barry Gibbons The MT Pit