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Support FAQ


Can I send invoices to my clients via email?

What if my customer has multiple addresses?


Can DashBook export information to my accounting program?


Does DashBook run on a PC, Mac, or the Internet?

How can DashBook help me analyze my business?

Can DashBook replace QuickBooks or another accounting program?


I tried to install DashBook, but the install program just stops.


Can I upload royalty reports to the internet?

Reports do not display.  I only get a "No report" message.


I am trying to enter an Order, but I cannot edit the price.

While on a screen like Orders, I see that a lot of report hyperlinks are grayed out, so that I cannot choose them.

Does DashBook handle backorders?

Can Dashbook handle consignment sales?


I have a book that has been revised. How should I handle that?

On the Product screen, I see Default Warehouse. How is that used?

Can DashBook handle 13 digit ISBNs?

Is DashBook appropriate for a publisher with my number of titles?