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You can now easily upload all of your royalty reports to shareable folders on so that your royalty recipients can go to one place to see the reports that matter to them.

To setup this feature, from DashBook's main menu go to Setup->Preferences and choose the Third Party tab where you will see the entry for your base folder.  Simply click the "..." ellipses button to request that Box allow DashBook to upload to your account, and you may choose a base folder to make choosing royalty recipient folders quicker later.

For each author or royalty holder, go to their contact record (Data->Authors) and choose the Third Party tab - from there you can type the folder name or click the "..." button to choose the Box folder for uploading this author's reports.  If you have many authors to link to Box folders, you can use our File->Import Data ability to quickly pull in each contact's folder name from a spreadsheet.

That is all for the setup.

Uploading is very simple.  While on a royalty report (we recommend Reports->All Reports to see the many options available), you will see a Batch button on the right side of the screen.  Simply click the Batch button, choose the tab, and press the Upload button.

DashBook takes it from there, generating each contact's respective report and uploading it to that contact's folder on Box!  By default, your collaborator will automatically receive an email from Box that you've placed a new file in their folder, so no more work is needed on your part.