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Feature Comparison Chart
DashBook is a powerful system for tracking sales and royalties for books, music, film, and more.  Although we think we cover it all, if there is a feature missing, ask us to add it for you! DashBook allows for unlimited products, authors/artists/music labels/etc., and transactions without charging you a higher fee.  Note that the optional modules are only available for the Pro system.
  DashBook General Sales DashBook Royalty Lite DashBook Royalty Pro QuickBooks Integration Module Addition Reserves & Withholding Module Addition
Manage invoices * * *    
Manage inventory * * *    
Unlimited products * * *    
Email reports * * *    
Email invoices * * *    
Includes report writer * * *    
Manage Royalties   * *    
Unlimited royalty holders   * *    
Unique royalty arrangements   * *    
Multiple royalty holders per product   * *    
Cross consolidation   * *    
Simple percent   * *    
Fixed royalty amount   * *    
Breakpoints on units sold   * *    
Breakpoints on value sold   * *    
Breakpoints on discount rate   * *    
Different royalty based on how/what sold ("sales channel" of order)   * *    
Automatic U.S. mechanical rates on play length   * *    
Deduct fees, mechanicals, etc. prior to royalty   * *    
Royalty Advances     *    
"By Title" vs cross consolidation     *    
Generic re-usable royalty arrangements     *    
Import (vendor sales, product setup, accounting reports, etc.)     *    
Currency conversion on sales import     *    
Batch report upload to     *    
Batch report save to local synchronized folders for DropBox, OneDrive, etc.     *    
Batch email     *    
Pay royalties via PayPal MassPay     *    
Add attachments to contacts, products, etc.     *    
Import/Export files for most accounting and other 3rd party systems     *    
Direct QuickBooks (Windows desktop and Online Edition) communication       +  
Import products and contacts from QuickBooks       +  
Create products and contacts into QuickBooks       +  
Import invoices and sales receipts from QuickBooks       +  
Upload invoices into QuickBooks       +  
Create royalty checks into QuickBooks       +  
Create royalty bills to pay into QuickBooks       +  
Automatic Reserves         +
Automatic Releases         +
Withholdings         +


Contact Us to ask any questions about the DashBook product versions, features and functions. We look forward to welcoming you into our community of DashBook users.

System Requirements

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